Sir Jack Fuller was a knight in the 16th century, well known for his drinking and womanising. In 1590, he was a member of the English delegation sent to the Moon in Iris Wildthyme's TARDIS to open diplomatic relations with the Lunaries, accompanied by his servant, Richard Fondling. Unlike his fellow delegate, Sir Malcome Canker, he embraced the Lunaries' hedonistic culture. Canker, who secretly opposed allying with the Lunaries, worked with Duke Ferdinand to sabotage negotiations, first by exposing Fuller's dalliance with two Lunary females to Queen Elizabeth I, then having him poisoned with Hydra venom. A cure was discovered by Roger Bacon, and Fuller later attended the reception celebrating the alliance between England and the Lunaries, during which it was revealed that he had been merely serving as a distraction for England's rivals while the real ambassador, Lady Olivia Somerset, who had been disguised as Canker's servant Harry Peerless, secretly negotiated with the Lunaries. (PROSE: Minions of the Moon)

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