In 2008, Jack (PROSE: Warriors of Kudlak) begun to play Combat 3000, a game of laser tag, in Manchester. Unbeknownst to him, it was under the control of an alien general named Uvlavad Kudlak. Kudlak was recruiting human adolescents as soldiers for his army and used the laser tag games to test their skill with laser weaponry. Players who reached Level 2 of the game, were deemed worthy of joining the Uvodni military and were transported via technology reminiscent of a H₂O scoop to a Uvodni warship which was travelling to a battlefield somewhere in the Horsehead Nebula. The children played well enough to reach this stage. They soon found themselves far away from home. Another player, Jen, had already been on the ship for some time. They were soon joined by a third player, Lance Metcalf.

The disappearance of 24 children from different areas of England did not go unnoticed. A former investigative reporter named Sarah Jane Smith, her adoptive son Luke Smith and his friends Maria Jackson and Clyde Langer asked about their whereabouts. Luke and Clyde made it to the ship and tried to rescue the others in the ship's shuttle, but they were recaptured and brought before Kudlak and his commanding officer, the Mistress. Kudlak came across a message to the Mistress that the war they were fighting had ended a decade before. Kudlak returned the children, including Jack, to Earth, some of them long after they had left. (TV: Warriors of Kudlak)

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