Jacey was the tour manager for the 63rd line-up of Pakafroon Wabster. She worked hard to make the band a success, and came to resent them for their annoying habits. When she learned that the band's record label was planning to drop them due to their declining popularity, she came up with the idea of having the members killed in a tragic accident, making them rock legends and boosting their record sales. She accompanied them on the star cruiser transporting them to Malphapalooza, where she set the engines to explode, spiked Fluke's curry with a psychosis agent, set the ship to fly into an asteroid belt, reprogrammed the navigation computer to play Tetris, emptied all the fire extinguishers and got rid of all the escape pods except for one. Although she succeeded in destroying the ship, time spillage from the engines placed them in a time loop, during which they constantly relived their deaths.

When the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler arrived on the ship in the TARDIS, they tried to save the passengers, but failed and died with them when the ship exploded. During this iteration, Jacey asphyxiated in the vacuum of space. When the loop restarted, the Doctor and Rose, unlike the others, remembered what had happened and used their knowledge to save the band members' lives, expose Jacey's plan to kill them, and free them from the loop. Jacey tried to shoot the band members herself, but died when Wabster grabbed her at the same time she fired her energy weapon. (COMIC: Interstellar Overdrive)