John Ronald "J. R. R." Tolkien was the author of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. While working at a garden centre, Fitz Kreiner had a conversation with a woman who incorrectly named him as R. J. Tolkien. Fitz convinced her that the character of Frodo had been named after a woman with whom Tolkien had a relationship. (PROSE: The Taint)

Tolkien briefly met the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond during a C. S. Lewis reading at an Inklings gathering at The Eagle and Child of a story that would become The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Tolkien didn't like Lewis' work much, saying that it contained a meaningless mixture of too many mythologies. (COMIC: The Professor, the Queen and the Bookshop)

Like all humans, Tolkien was resurrected in the City of the Saved. He served as a philologist on a Royal Philological Society team sent to crack the mystery of the Jama'a Civil Tongue. He was surprised to realise they'd incorporated The Lord of the Rings into their myth cycle. (PROSE: Philology: The Real Professional Bag of Tricks)

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Sarah Jane Smith told Clyde Langer that Tolkien's children books could be enjoyed at every age. (AUDIO: Wraith World)

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