Izdaal was the greatest Ice Warrior who ever lived in Martian society.

His studies determined that Mars' atmosphere was no longer capable of keeping out radiation from space. This would eventually kill them all. He told the government that their turmoil was not over and with the evidence of sickening children, he declared that their world was no longer sustainable. He was ignored by his people. Lord Izdaal made the ultimate sacrifice. To prove himself right, he elected to step outside and face the Red Dawn, knowing that he would die. His death led to his people coming to the same conclusion and they worked to survive, slowly becoming a conqueror race that took what they wanted from others. (AUDIO: Red Dawn) Isskar witnessed Izdaal's sacrifice. (AUDIO: The Judgement of Isskar)

Following the destruction of Mars' atmosphere, the Ice Warriors fled to Deimos, one of the planet's moons, where they constructed catacombs and placed themselves in suspended animation in the hope of one day either reclaiming Mars or conquering Earth. Millions of years later, after Mars had been colonised by humans, large sections of the catacombs were opened to the public in the museum in the Deimos moonbase in the 23rd century. One of the exhibits in the museum featured a holographic simulation of Lord Izdaal sacrificing his life. (AUDIO: Deimos)

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