Ivy was a the board computer of the SS Lucy Gray.

Ivy could talk. She was a high security computer and no one ever managed to hack into her system until some worker did so to find a lost relative.

When Ivy lost the connection to the cooling mechanisms of the SS Lucy Gray and the engines were overheated, the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond helped her to restore the connection.

Ivy then helped the Doctor and Amy to find the TARDIS which was put onto the SS Lucy Gray. (GAME: Evacuation Earth)

Centuries later Ivy was still on the space ship and the space ship was invaded by Cybermen. Ivy tried to make sure that the crew members could not be harmed by the Cybermen. She put the crew members into life saving boxes to keep them save. The Doctor, who crashed on the space ship, destroyed the Cybermen by overloading the systems. Shortly after that Daleks invaded the ship. The Doctor came face to face with the Dalek Supreme and their ship was fired into the sun. Ivy released the crew and the SS Lucy Gray returned to Earth. The Doctor and Amy left just before the systems shut down. (GAME: Return to Earth)

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