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Ivo was the headman of his village, the husband of Marta and the father of Karl. His father and grandfather had both been headman. He was angered when his son was chosen by Habris to be taken to the Three Who Rule. He and his wife later caught Adric trying to steal some food, but offered him sanctuary. He learned of his son being used for blood by the vampires. He communicated with the rebels with a radio he had hidden. He later joined Kalmar's rebellion on an attack on the Tower, where he killed Habris in vengeance for his son. The Fourth Doctor made him apologise to K9 for badmouthing him. (TV: State of Decay)

He was still headman when Bernice Summerfield visited the village. When Bernice thought see saw Zargo in the Tower, Ivo led the villagers in a search of the Tower. (PROSE: Blood Harvest)

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