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Ivan was a judo instructor and the boyfriend of Chrissie Jackson, for whom she left her husband. (TV: Revenge of the Slitheen)

He also worked as some sort of city banker. Chrissie thought that Ivan was exciting and had glamour. (PROSE: Invasion of the Bane)

Ivan cooked dinner for Chrissie so she couldn't stay for tea after Maria and Alan had moved into 36 Bannerman Road.

During the Bubble Shock! incident, he was one of many people under the Bane's control. He chased Chrissie around their bedroom, trying to force her to drink the beverage.

Ivan had booked a villa just outside Skiathos. Chrissie thought it was gorgeous, but they had still got to pay the rest of the deposit. (TV: Invasion of the Bane)

Ivan took Chrissie to a pub. It was opera night and the waiters were singing while they were eating. (TV: Revenge of the Slitheen)

One day Chrissie thought that Ivan spent to much time at the office. She was bored and took Salsa lessons with Carlos. Ivan became jealous and hit Carlos. Chrissie was angry and moved into Maria's and Alan's house. Maria didn't wanted her mother to go back to Ivan, but when Ivan apologized Chrissie moved back into their house. (TV: Eye of the Gorgon)

Later Ivan took Chrissie shopping. (TV: The Lost Boy)

Chrissie borrowed Ivan's car and drove together with Alan to the Tycho Project, to protect Maria against Kaagh. (TV: The Last Sontaran)

Chrissie and Ivan planned to marry. Alan, Maria, Luke, Clyde and Sarah Jane were invited to their wedding. Maria and Alan wanted to come to the wedding and wished to see their friends from Ealing there again. (TV: The Day of the Clown)

Chrissie and Ivan planned to come to Washington DC during their honeymoon because Chrissie wanted Maria to show her all the best shoe shops in the capital. (PROSE: The Last Sontaran)

Alternate timelines Edit

Andrea Yates' world Edit

In an alternative timeline, Andrea Yates saw Ivan snogging Lorraine Groom outside the Conservative Club and told Jackson about it. Chrissie dumped Ivan because of this. (PROSE: Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?)

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