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It's Bigger on the Inside! was an activity book published by Marvel Comics. Like its predecessor The Doctor Who Fun Book, printed by Target Books, it contained a variety of comics by Tim Quinn and Dicky Howett, most of them short parodical features in the style of the Doctor Who? comedy strip, but also a longer, more straightforward comic story (though drawn in the same art-style), Nostalgia Corner.

Publisher's summary[]

It's wild – It's wacky – it's well out of order!
Celebrate 25 glorious years of rubber monsters and endless corridors with this affectionate tribute to Dr Who by Tim Quinn and Dicky Howett. Regular contributors to the Doctor Who Magazine Quinn and Howett are happy to launch this second volume of their alternative view of the world of Doctor Who and the seven Doctors on you, the unsuspecting public. Bursting at the seams with jokes, cartoons and wacky features, it's definitely Bigger On The Inside!


Comic stories[]

Famous Daleks[]

Main article: Famous Daleks

Prose stories & features[]

  • How To Be A Companion
  • Little-known characters in Doctor Who
  • Dr Who's Spare Facts and Fancies
  • The Doctor Who 'Almost' Lookalikes
  • The Doctor Who Trivial Quiz
  • Exclusive!


  • Tim Quinn and Dicky Howett were regularly contributors to a three-panel comic strip that ran in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine called Doctor Who?.
  • This title was released priced £1.95 (UK).
  • Dicky Howett contributed more scripts to this second volume as Tim Quinn was working in the USA on other projects at the time.

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