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It's Behind You! was a comic story published in Doctor Who Magazine in 2021. It starred the Thirteenth Doctor, Yasmin Khan and, in his comic strip debut, new companion Dan Lewis.


The Thirteenth Doctor has taken Yaz and Dan to see a pantomime production of Cinderella. However, Dan is not having fun, and with all his complaints, the Doctor decides to go off to arrange something special during the intermission. To Dan's disappointment, it's not ice cream — instead, after the Doctor returns, the second half of the show takes a surprising turn as the actors in dodgy costumes are replaced by the real article. Unfortunately, the real Demon King and his servants are not sticking to the plot and instead begin attacking the audience, as does the animate giant pumpkin which replaces the pumpkin carriage prop.

Thinking quickly, the Doctor guides her companions to an understage storage area where old props from other shows are stored. They find to their distress that they tooh have been replaced by the real article, including a live Captain Hook and Crocodile, an angry ape, a sword-wielding Goblin, a Werewolf and an evil fairy. While Yasmin fights off the crocodile and Dan duels Hook, the Doctor grabs some magic beans and uses them to climb to the top of the shelf in the storage area, where she finds a magic lamp. She summons the Genie within, and uses the first of her three wishes to wish her friends safe, resulting in all the living pantomime characters being banished back to their realms, leaving behind the harmless props once again.

As everything calms down, an apologetic Doctor confesses that she followed a link on Spacebook that promised to give a way to manifest "the magic of pantomime", without really checking what the link did; she didn't expect what she put in motion to "snatch" real beings and bring them to the theatre. The Genie reminds them that they still have two wishes left before he is sent back to the realm from when he came, and at Dan's suggestion, they use the first of these to give all the children in the audience ice cream as the proper pantomime resumes.



  • Yaz says that she loved panto when she was a child.
  • The TARDIS team watch a pantomime of Cinderella.

Food and beverages[]

  • Ice cream is sold normally during the interval of a panto (although in this specific instance, they are all out, until Dan uses one of the wishes from the Genie to get enough for everyone.) Dan wants to get a choc-ice.


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