After Mars was decimated by an unstable segment of the Key to Time, Zara convinced the Ice Lord Isskar she might be able to restore the planet if she could assemble the Key. She told him another segment was on Safeplace, so he commandeered a spaceship to go there. Since Safeplace was 32,000 light-years from Mars, Isskar and his troop of Ice Warriors put themselves in suspended animation.

When they arrived 16,000 years later, they took the Fifth Doctor and Amy aboard for tribunal. Isskar found and hid the segments in a strongbox with an interior outside of space and time. Zara wrecked the ship's controls, telling them she would find the box in the wreckage, then fled to the past using a Time Ring. By then the ship was on a collision course with the red giant Leboon.

The Doctor and Amy stayed on board so the rest of the crew could escape in the limited number of life pods. He thought he could repair the controls, but before he could do so, the Black Guardian appeared. (AUDIO: The Judgement of Isskar) The Guardian transported them to 9th century Sudan so they could search for the other segments. (AUDIO: The Destroyer of Delights)

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