Isley was an android created by Albert Gilroy and named for the Isley Brothers, his favourite band. All of Albert's androids had special military programming, which caused them to snap the necks of anyone who knew they were robots. Isley owned a Walkman given to her by Albert to end the military programming and make her safe to talk to. However, on one of her missions, she screwed up by killing fifty witnesses and her target.

She was taken to Appletown with Albert, where they awaited death from a nuclear bomb. When Albert explained her origins, Isley accidentally killed him because the Walkman had already finished. She pursued Amy and Rory with the others. When the Eleventh Doctor prevented an incident on the base caused by Isley and the others, Isley began fervently looking for her creator; he was detained and not taken with them. She got caught in the blast and was damaged. Using a scarf to hide that most of her face was gone, she joined him in heading to New Mexico before her programming restarted and he had no chance of reprogramming her. (PROSE: Nuclear Time)

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