Island of Horror was an original comic strip in the pages of the 1979 Dalek annual. In it, the ADF's Joel Shaw and Mark Seven uncovered a diabolical Dalek plot to cause human mutation on a secluded island off the coast of Japan.

Plot[edit | edit source]

When Karl Martin is found in the fishing nets of a Japanese trawler, Mark Seven and Joel Shaw are stunned. What, they wonder, is the pre-eminent scientist doing in the waters off the coast of Japan? Although Martin is not able to communicate his thoughts to the ADF agents, he is concealing a picture of a Dalek on his person.

This sends Shaw and Seven off on a trip to the Pacific Ocean to search for an artificial island that shouldn't exist. When they find the island — which doesn't appear on any map — they discover that it's a secret base of the Daleks. Their plan during this invasion of Earth is to kidnap the world's brightest minds and turn them into psychopaths.

Unhappy that their scheme has been discovered, the Daleks secure the ADF agents and prepare to experiment on them. Before the tests can begin, however, the captain of the ADF submarine opens fire on the Dalek island. The boys take the explosions as their cue to leave. They hop in the water and swim out to the submarine just in time to take in the sight of the island completely ablaze.

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