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|cover=[[Black Sheep]]
|cover=[[Black Sheep]]
|release date= [[7 July (releases)|7 July]] [[2005 (releases)|2005]]
|release date= [[7 July (releases)|7 July]] [[2005 (releases)|2005]]
|format= Paperback Book, 281 Pages
|format= Paperback Book; 32 Chapters, 281 Pages
|isbn= ISBN 0-563-48631-7
|isbn= ISBN 0-563-48631-7
|prev= Match of the Day (novel)
|prev= Match of the Day (novel)

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Island of Death was the seventy-first BBC Past Doctor Adventures novel. It featured the Third Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith and Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. This is author Barry Letts' first solo novel (he had previously written Deadly Reunion with Terrance Dicks).

Publisher's summary

"He would learn nothing from the internal organs — and for a very good reason: there was nothing there. The dead girl's body was literally just skin and bone."

A New Age cult worships a hideous god — or is it a demon? — called the Skang. What possible connection can it have with the mysterious corpse on Hampstead Heath?

Sarah Jane Smith enlists the help of the Third Doctor and the Brigadier, and their investigations take them halfway across the world, to a remote island that has been turned into a paradise for the followers of the cult.

But the island is not what it seems, and neither is the Skang itself; and the Doctor and his companions are faced with the task of saving not only its devotees but the whole of mankind from a loathsome death.


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Anatomy and physiology

The Doctor

  • The Doctor uses the phrase "two shakes of a sluggerlug's tail".


Foods and beverages

  • The Doctor and Sarah drink hot rum toddies after being rescued at sea.
  • The Doctor also drinks port.
  • The Brigadier drinks Scotch while he's on the plane to Bombay.


United Nations Intelligence Taskforce

  • Most of the men under the Brigadier's command at UNIT are ex-SAS professionals.


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