Isabella Zemanova, later Isabella Dunn, was a woman from 20th century Stalingrad.

Isabella married a Russian soldier named Lev Zemanova and had twin boys by the age of twenty-two. After her husband went missing for two weeks during the war, Isabella met Erimem, Andy Hansen, and Tom Niven. Erimem helped her locate her husband, a victim of the Drofen Horde, and Isabella shot him to spare him the pain of dying due to his excruciating wounds. She took her boys and, with Erimem's help, fled Stalingrad.

In Murmansk, Isabella met Dr William Dunn, who smuggled her and her children onto a ship. She married him although they did not love one another. She lived with William and his father, assisted William with his patients, and went on to have two daughters with him. Although she never grew to love him romantically, she loved him as a friend. In 2015, when she was almost ninety-five, she had her grandson, Jacob, take her to the London University of History and Antiquity where she located Erimem and revealed to her how she had helped her and her sons escape Stalingrad in 1942. (PROSE: The Beast of Stalingrad)

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