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Isaac Douglas Summerfield was the husband of Claire Summerfield and father of Bernice Summerfield. He was an admiral in the Earth Empire's Spacefleet.

He was named after Isaac Summerfield I. (PROSE: Dead Romance)


In his youth, Isaac carried a cezve with him at all times for the purpose of making Turkish coffee. (PROSE: Return of the Living Dad)

He followed his father Jonah Summerfield III's footsteps and joined Spacefleet. He eventually became an admiral, something that his father never achieved. (PROSE: Dead Romance)

On 21 June 2540, Isaac had his only child: Bernice Surprise Summerfield. (AUDIO: Just War)

In 2543, Admiral Summerfield supposedly deserted during a space battle against the Daleks in which he disappeared. Most assumed he had died in the battle. (PROSE: Love and War) His ship, the Tisiphone, disappeared towards the end of the battle and was never seen again. The Tisiphone had, in fact, survived — it had fallen into a rift in space-time and was transported, along with its surviving crew, to Earth space in November 1963.

The surviving crew members escaped to England, where they found refuge in the village of Little Caldwell. Here, Admiral Summerfield established the Pyramid, a coffee shop and bookstore that doubled as a front for helping stranded aliens and temporal refugees like himself. Summerfield tried to stay out of the way of the Doctor, whom he feared. Bernice and the Seventh Doctor, though, found him in 1983, twenty years after he had gone through the rift. (PROSE: Return of the Living Dad)

Though he had made a home in 20th century England, Admiral Summerfield returned or was returned to his native time. He was present at the naming ceremony of his grandson, Peter Summerfield. A year or two later, he was manipulated into leading the Fifth Axis forces during their occupation of the Braxiatel Collection on the planetoid KS-159, but was later instrumental in the ultimate defeat of the Axis. His work done, he elected to return to Little Caldwell. (AUDIO: Death and the Daleks)

He occasionally returned to the Collection to visit his family. He visited just after the Draconian occupation of the Collection and the destruction of the Mimsphere. (PROSE: Nobody's Children)

Other information[]

He had blond hair and grey eyes, and was relatively short in stature. Unlike his daughter, Admiral Summerfield preferred coffee to tea. He brewed strong Turkish coffee in a cezve that he carried with him at all times. (PROSE: Return of the Living Dad)