Is there anybody out there? was an online game published on the BBC's The Sarah Jane Adventures website.

Scenario Edit

Mr Smith has picked up a repeating "bleep" pattern based signal that can only be from an extra terrestrial intelligence. Clearly they are trying to communicate but with no shared language you have to repeat back the alien message to show that you too are intelligent.

How to play? Edit

Incoming messages are shown as flashing lights and spikes on the monitor. The player has to repeat the message by clicking with the mouse on the buttons in the same order to communcate back to the extra terrestrials.

If the player has clicked on the wrong buttons the connection is lost and he has to try to re-establish contact. After pressing the buttons right different messages appear:

  • 05 times: "Good work keep going"
  • 10 times: "Well done keep it up."
  • 15 times: "Great work communication established"
  • 20 times: "Well done intelligent life on earth has been acknowledged."
  • 25 times: starts again with "Good work keep going."

There is no end to the game. The player can add the code countless times until he looses the contact by pressing the wrong button.

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