Irongron was a 13th century (TV: The Sontaran Experiment) robber baron who had taken control of a castle in Wessex. He slew the castle's previous residents.

The Sontaran Linx bargained with Irongron, asking for a place to hide his spaceship and the means to fix it, in return for some of his advanced weaponry, an offer which Irongron readily accepted.

Irongron quickly grew to despise Linx for not coming when he wished and repeatedly insulting him. He also hated Edward of Wessex, who had much more than he in quality food, drink, and weapons. His men captured Edward's scribe, Eric, whom Linx forced to tell Irongron of Edward's plan. While outside his castle the day after, Irongron was almost shot at by an archer called Hal, sent by Edward. Hal was captured, and Irongron challenged him to face a Robot Knight, a gift from Linx. Hal won, but only when the Third Doctor shot the control device from his hand. When the Doctor fled his castle, Irongron tried to kill him before he escaped. Hal disarmed him.

Soon after, Irongron launched an attack on Edward's castle, Wessex Castle, which was quickly repelled through the efforts of the Doctor, forcing Irongron's retreat. Upon his return, Irongron was given a second robot knight by Linx. Irongron tested the knight by fighting it and losing to it, only to discover the Doctor was wearing the suit. Irongron had his men capture the Doctor and used him for target practice with their new guns. The Doctor escaped with the help of Sarah Jane Smith.

Sarah Jane, disguised as a serving wench, had earlier infiltrated Irongron's kitchen, and drugged the food. The food quickly put Irongron and his men to sleep. Irongron awoke before the rest of his men, discovering Hal attempting to disarm them. Throwing him aside, Irongron went after Linx, accusing him of treachery, and attacked the Sontaran. Linx then fatally shot him. (TV: The Time Warrior)

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