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Iris Wildthyme y Señor Cientocinco contra Los Monstruos del Fiesta (which translates to Iris Wildthyme and Señor 105 vs the Party Monsters) was the eighth story in the anthology Iris Wildthyme and the Celestial Omnibus. It was written by Cody Schell.


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  • Iris mentions Venus, ancient Pangea and the planet Zwen.
  • Señor 105 refers to oro, plomo, cobre, and plata; Spanish for the elements gold, lead, copper, and silver respectively.


  • The title for this story is written in Spanish. Translated to English, it reads, "Iris Wildthyme and Mister 105 vs the Party Monsters".
  • This story introduces Señor 105, who would later go on to star in Señor 105 & the Elements of Danger and The Periodic Adventures of Señor 105.
  • Señor 105 does not have a mask for silver out of respect for one of his colleagues. This is a likely reference to El Santo, who was known as "El Enmascarado de Plata".
  • This story is set during the 1968 Olympics. However, there are some anachronisms between the DWU and the real world:
    • Señor 105 says element 105 was recently discovered and named hahnium. While element 105 was first synthesized in April 1968, the name hahnium was proposed in 1970 by a different team of scientists. Iris knowns the element will be named dubnium in 30 years; this happened in 1997.
    • Señor 105 refers to recent geological findings indicating an impact causing the extinction of the dinosaurs and created the Chicxulub Crater. The real-world discovery started in the 1960s but was left unpublished until an independent discovery in 1978.