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Iris Wildthyme Speaks...![1] was a self-contained narrative monologue segmented in the 2017 Christmas special of the BBC Radio 3 series The Verb.

The six-minute-long audio story is notable for currently being the only piece of performed Iris Wildthyme media not produced by Big Finish Productions, even including appearances of the character in Doctor Who audio stories. The story was written by Paul Magrs and starred Katy Manning as her incarnation of Iris Wildthyme.


Speaking to "ladies and gentlemen and gentle-beings of all persuasions", Iris Wildthyme introduces herself. She divulges information on her mode of transportation, the Celestial Omnibus. She then elaborates on her place in the universe. While she explains that she has lots of fun having adventures across the stars, she admits to often feeling lonely. To distract herself from this, she travels the universe, making friends, buying drinks and nibbles from offys, and shopping for fabulous clothing. Miming another individual, Iris has a conversation with herself, inviting her and her audience to wait for the day her bus arrives, so she can rescue them and take them a party.





  • Paul Magrs released the script for the story on his Patreon.[1]
  • Iris says "ding ding" in reference to her Celestial Omnibus, which she also did in the unproduced stageplay An Unearthly Palaver. The script was included in the charity anthology Bafflement and Devotion: Iris at the Edges.


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