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Fifteen (anthology)

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Iris: Fifteen was an anthology of seventeen short stories celebrating fifteen years of Iris Wildthyme adventures.

Publisher's summary[]

A fifteenth anniversary collection of Iris Wildthyme stories, featuring all sorts of Irises in all sorts of adventures – and don't forget Panda!


Title Author
The Ninnies on Putney Common Paul Magrs
Gimme Shelter Eddie Robson
Time to Exist Andy Smillie
Party Fears Two Stuart Douglas
God Engine Rhapsody Julio Angel Ortiz
Project: Wildthyme Cavan Scott and Mark Wright
Our Tune Ross Douglas
The Wildthyme Effect Nick Campbell
Ouroboros Neil Chester
In Passing Nick Wallace
Iris at the V&A George Mann
The Golden Hendecahedron Cody Quijano-Schell
Samsāra James Manley-Buser
Iris and the Caliphate Eric Brown
Mix Her Own Adventure Patrick Magee
Scream in Blue Dave Hoskin
Dog Days of Summer Roy Gill


The cover features many incarnations of Iris Wildthyme; the "Katy Manning" Iris, Template:Lillith, "Shirley Bassey" Iris, "Margaret Rutherford" Iris, "Jane Fonda" Iris, and the "Beryl Reid" Iris.

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