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Fifteen (anthology)

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Iris: Fifteen was an anthology of seventeen short stories celebrating fifteen years of Iris Wildthyme adventures.

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

A fifteenth anniversary collection of Iris Wildthyme stories, featuring all sorts of Irises in all sorts of adventures – and don't forget Panda!

Stories[edit | edit source]

Title Author
The Ninnies on Putney Common Paul Magrs
Gimme Shelter Eddie Robson
Time to Exist Andy Smillie
Party Fears Two Stuart Douglas
God Engine Rhapsody Julio Angel Ortiz
Project: Wildthyme Cavan Scott and Mark Wright
Our Tune Ross Douglas
The Wildthyme Effect Nick Campbell
Ouroboros Neil Chester
In Passing Nick Wallace
Iris at the V&A George Mann
The Golden Hendecahedron Cody Quijano-Schell
Samsāra James Manley-Buser
Iris and the Caliphate Eric Brown
Mix Her Own Adventure Patrick Magee
Scream in Blue Dave Hoskin
Dog Days of Summer Roy Gill

Notes[edit | edit source]

The cover features many incarnations of Iris Wildthyme; the "Katy Manning" Iris, Template:Lillith, "Shirley Bassey" Iris, "Margaret Rutherford" Iris, "Jane Fonda" Iris, and the "Beryl Reid" Iris.

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