Iraq, officially known as the Republic of Iraq, (TV: Children of Earth: Day Three) was a nation in the Middle East. (COMIC: A Wing and a Prayer, The Blood of Azrael)

Iraq was located in the same region as the ancient civilisation of Mesopotamia. (TV: Resolution)

History[edit | edit source]

It was formed in the aftermath of World War I, and was originally a British colony. In 1930, the Eleventh Doctor and Clara Oswald visited Baghdad, a major city in Iraq. (COMIC: A Wing and a Prayer)

The Iraq War was fought there in the 2000s. (TV: To the Last Man, Warriors of Kudlak; AUDIO: Unregenerate!) Lance Metcalf's father, Simon, was killed while serving there. (TV: Warriors of Kudlak) Cotter Gleason served their under Major John Rider. Rider was killed after he stood on a land mine. (PROSE: The Men Who Sold the World) When ICIS committed acts of false flag terrorism, media pundits suggested this may be in response to Iraq and Syria. (AUDIO: The Longest Night) Sally Morgan's grandfather served as a colonel in the Iraq War. (AUDIO: Black and White)

Major Philip Kirby was fired from the army after he abused Iraqi prisoners. (AUDIO: The Longest Night)

In 2009, the Republic of Iraq was among the nations which agreed to let John Frobisher speak on their behalf to the 456. (TV: Children of Earth: Day Three)

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