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Invasion of the Scorpion Men was the third story of The Many Lives of Doctor Who, published in 2018.


Still, an exile to Earth was not the worst thing in the universe. Perhaps the Time Lords were right to exile the Third Doctor there. There were a unusually large amount of alien invasions

As the Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith drive through an abandoned London in Bessie, seeking to thwart the Dahensa invasion, Sarah points out the Post Office Tower as the tallest building in the city. Though having some bad experiences with the building, the Doctor concedes the point and drives off. 

Briefly, the Doctor remembers his Sarah Jane and the great woman she became. 

When the two arrive at the Post Office Tower, the Doctor sets up a sonic manifold feedback loop across London as Sarah fends off a Dahensa. The sound disorients the aliens and they quickly withdraw from Earth. 

Finishing the memory, the Doctor remarks that protecting the Earth is essentially his job. And not just the UK, but the whole planet. A planet whose every city he's been to. Especially the one that was named twice




  • The Doctor drives past the Fitzroy Tavern, a significant real world meeting place of Doctor Who fans[1].