Invasion of the Ormazoids was the fifth in a series of "choose-your-own-adventure" style gamebooks, titled Make Your Own Adventure with Doctor Who in the UK and released in the US in Ballantine Books' Find Your Fate line.

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Have you ever longed to climb aboard the TARDIS and enter another dimension? Meet the Doctor and join him in outwitting his enemies? Well, now's your chance! All you need is a pair of dice, a pencil, a little bit of luck and all your wits about you. Ready?

Vengeful renegade Lord Darval seeks to conquer the human race with his fanatical Ormazoid troops. Only the Doctor — and you — have the secret of his hyper-time tunnel and you must challenge the despot before it's too late... Now open the covers and join the Doctor in an adventure through Time and Space...

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YOU are the Doctor's only assistant as you face an entire race of mutant warlike beings in INVASION OF THE ORMAZOIDS.

It is the twenty-fifth century. The Doctor has set your coordinates for the rim worlds — a turbulent, primitive, and strange region. There, at the edge of the universe, you are fated to meet Darval, an evil ruler with a fascinating history and bizarre energy.

But of more immediate danger: Darval's Ormazoids, a race of beings originally created to assist him in space exploration but now bred by Darval to be fearless and unstoppable — and to carry out his commands for domination of the universe.

YOU and the Doctor must seize control of Darval's Master Genetic Code Signifier — the device that controls the Ormazoids. Otherwise, Earth and her empire will fall prey to his ruthless plans. Outnumbered and outmuscled, YOU must rely on your intellect as you FIND YOUR FATE.

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