Introduction to the Night was a multi-part story that accompanied Doctor Who Night of 1999. It featured Tom Baker as a future incarnation of the Doctor, rather than his usual version. His confirmation as a future incarnation of the Doctor was confirmed when he said he "was once Paul McGann".

The story focuses on the Doctor recalling his past adventures as well as living in a new design version of the TARDIS.

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The Doctor introduces an evening of pure entertainment whilst sharing elements of his past.

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Doctor Who Night Daleks and the Doctor 3

The Doctor surrounded by Daleks in his TARDIS.

Doctor Who Night Doctor and hatstand 1

The new TARDIS interior.

  • The story was part of Doctor Who Night (1999).
  • According to the official Doctor Who website this story is set on Theemnite II, 59,888.[1]
  • This was one of the few BBC produced on screen Doctor Who episodes, which featured a "main Doctor", from the 1990s. The others include Search Out Space, Dimensions in Time, The TV Movie and Destiny of the Doctors.
  • This story featured Tom Baker playing a future version of the Doctor which took the form of an aged version of his fourth incarnation. This had already happened in the linking narration of the 1992 VHS release of Shada, and would happen again in 2013 in The Day of the Doctor. Whether they are intended as the same version is unknown.
  • A new TARDIS interior was designed for this story. It was presented as a large, basic room with ornamental chairs and a grand corridor leading to a hat stand. It similarly introduced a new exterior with a new design police box. The windows top three rectangular panels were black, and the right and left bottom ones were white except for the centre one which was black. This design would be repeated for The Doctor's Wife and numerous stories after.

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