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Introduction and links was the introduction and linking material in Short Trips: Zodiac.

The story was comprised of a framing narrative that served as the introduction to each story within the anthology, which told a narrative about an astrologer known as Kasterborus.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Introduction[edit | edit source]

After a brief definition of astrology, a narrator tells us how, in the fourth millennium, we can see that almost all civilisations have looked up to the stars for guidance. The narrator tells us that the influence of the Osirans first appeared in circa 10,500 BC, and that other Earth civilisations adopted similar cultures of worship of the stars.

The Ancient Greeks were the ones to devise the zodiac system, in the Homeworld's solar system, these signs related to 'planets' in the firmament.

The Age of Reason took place in the second millennium of the Christian Era, where science took precedence, but in the third and fourth millennia, neo-astrology was formed when colonies separated ties with Earth. Kasterborus was mainly responsible for neo-astrology, and his name was used by Gallifrey to name one of their constellations after him.

Aries[edit | edit source]

Most of Kasterborus' calculations were lost in the fire that devastated capitol of Cyrrhenis Minima, but the remaining records show Kasterborus' care for astrology.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and in Kasterborus' belief, he transcended to the firmament.

Taurus[edit | edit source]

The origin of Taurus dated back to Greek mythology, when Zeus seduced Europa, stealing her away to Crete, where she bore him three sons. It was observed that Kasterborus confused this legend with another, that of the Minotaur, attempting to find its counterpart in galactic folklore to form his take on astrology. This action was perceived by others to be too close to fictional writing, as Kasterborus gave Taurus a less than favourable depiction in his works. (It was speculated that Kasterborus did this as a dig at his publisher.

In Kasterborus' book, he compared Taureans to Nimons.

Gemini[edit | edit source]

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Cancer[edit | edit source]

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Leo[edit | edit source]

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Virgo[edit | edit source]

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Libra[edit | edit source]

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Scorpios[edit | edit source]

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Sagittarius[edit | edit source]

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Capricorn[edit | edit source]

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Aquarius[edit | edit source]

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Pisces[edit | edit source]

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