Into The Unknown was the umbrella title of a series of short stories published online by the BBC in early 2021 leading up to the release of The Lonely Assassins. Each was formatted as a blog post on a blog of the same name, purported to be written by characters such as Larry Nightingale, relating supernatural events in which they had been involved. Due to the in-universe framing device, none of the stories were credited.

The site also had an About This Site section written as if by the in-universe character of Professor Grey.

List of stories[edit | edit source]

Date Title Purported author Featuring
27 January 2021 Welcome Into the Unknown… Professor Grey
2 February 2021 The Mandela Effect, Or Monsters on the Streets of London
4 February 2021 Endless masquerading…
11 February 2021 Wester Drumlins – can you help?
15 February 2021 Life is strange… and precious. Larry Nightingale
Alabama's Blue Box Matt Shore
Don’t link... Don’t even link. Professor Grey
19 February 2021 Wester Drumlins, here we come... Rani Chandra
22 February 2021 The Lady from the Sunflower Galaxy Larry Nightingale, Natasha Nightingale
The Very Real Mystery of Wester Drumlins Rani Chandra Weeping Angels, Alec Guinness, Peter Sellers
25 February 2021 Numbers Stations Professor Grey
Numbers stations... do they add up?
1 March 2021 Monolith... Monolith... Monolith! Tegan Jovanka
A Warning to the Incurious Larry Nightingale
4 March 2021 Houses of Fear Professor Grey
Quick favour
12 March 2021 19 March
15 March 2021 The Angels are Coming Rani Chandra

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Various elements of the blog changed subtly over time leading up to the release of The Lonely Assassins.
    • The thumbnail images turned distorted and pixellated.
    • The banner title changed from "Into the Unknown" to "Angels Are Coming".
    • At the top of the blog, a line of disguised text sometimes appeared. Initially it read "Angels are coming" in binary code, then the same in decimal code, and finally "It's right in front of your eyes" in binary code.

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