Interstitials was the third story in the K9 book The Essential Book of K9. It was written by Bob Baker.

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K9 is on board of the space ship Trow and should navigate the ship back to Port Sturgeon, New Earth. Then K9 suddenly detects an anomaly and wakes up Roach. They try to look for the source of the anomaly when they hear a scream. The scream comes from Kudra who has seen a ghoulish figure staring at her at the porthole window. When K9 and Roach arrive the figure is gone, however more and more crew members see figures which they describe as ghosts. K9 is sure that there are no ghosts and searches for another explanation. Suddenly a figure is trying to contact K9. He tells K9 that his name is Vagg. K9 explains that Vagg is interstitial, meaning in a state relating to the space or time between things. Vagg then says that he and the other figures were colonists heading for the twin planets when they collided with a ship doing warp speed. This caused a temporal anomaly. There was nothing left except a cloud and the people. The people ask K9 for his help to rejoin the livestream. K9 tries to help them by letting them pass into another existence, where it is better for them.

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