Interstella Z-Wingers was an online game published on the BBC's The Sarah Jane Adventures website. Insterstella Z-Winger was based on the game that Lance Metcalf and Brandon Butler played in the episode Warriors of Kudlak. Lance Metcalf alias Halo had a top score on the game.

Scenario Edit

Can you beat Halo's score?

How to play? Edit

In the game the player has to shoot at several metal creatures. The player reaches the next level when he has shot all creatures. The goal is to beat Halo's score.

Control Edit

To move the platform, the arrow keys and the spacebar on the keyboard are necessary.

Deviations from the televised story Edit

The game in the episode looks only slightly different to Interstella Z-Winger. The background is black in the episode and on the website it is green. The game itself is the same.

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