The Interplanetary Mining Corporation (sometimes Interstellar), or IMC, was an Earth-based mining corporation. (TV: Colony in Space) Their logo was the letters "IMC" in duralinium curved around a spiral galaxy. (PROSE: Lucifer Rising)


In the early 22nd century, Dom Issigri, having become rich prospecting for argonite, founded the Issigri Mining Company. Years later, the space pirate Maurice Caven kidnapped Dom and blackmailed his daughter, Madeleine Issigri, into allowing him to set up a base on Ta. (TV: The Space Pirates) Shortly afterwards, the Issigri Mining Company was renamed the Interplanetary Mining Corporation, or IMC for short. (PROSE: The Menagerie)

The colony and mining operations on the planet Vulcan were funded by the IMC. However, they sought to keep the colony "economical" by cutting corners and providing only the bare minimum of essentials. Discontent brought together a group of rebels led by Bragen, the head of security, working to overthrow Governor Hensell who they saw as an IMC mouthpiece. (PROSE: The Power of the Daleks)

In 2156, IMC forcibly took over InterSpace Incorporated and sold off its assets.

In 2157, when IMC tripled the price of zeiton-7, the Earth Alliance of Corporations took control of Earth and its colonies, and granted mining rights for the Lucifer system to IMC. The Insider Trading, captained by Legion, went to the system where the scientific expedition Project Eden was already present. Legion set up black holes around Lucifer to strip away its atmosphere without regard for the Angels on the planet. When the Seventh Doctor shot and killed Legion, the IMC troops were leaderless and fled. (PROSE: Lucifer Rising)

By the 25th century, Earth, with its population expanding, was desperate for the mineral duralinium used in the construction of residential complexes. With such a demand came a tight schedule and a very motivated desire for profit. The company's methods became ruthless, with those in the field willing to do anything to secure a planet for mineral exploitation. In 2472, a mineral survey team commanded by Captain Dent attempted to drive a colony of humans from the planet Uxarieus, using a faked monster backed by intimidation and murder. They were ultimately thwarted with the help of the Third Doctor and Jo. (TV: Colony in Space)

In 2570, IMC had a presence on Heaven. (PROSE: Love and War) They heavily funded Spacefleet in the Second Dalek War of the 26th century. Ace served aboard IMC's Corporate Strategy during her time in Spacefleet. They asked her to investigate the Lucifer system if she ever met back up with the Doctor, because it was of strategic value in the war but there was an exclusion zone around it. (PROSE: Lucifer Rising)

For five years in the 2600s, IMC owned the planet Maximediras. After they had mined all the valuable materials from what little above-water land the planet had, IMC sold Maximediras to one of their subsidiaries. (AUDIO: Beyond the Sea)

IMC had a presence on Epsilon Minima. (AUDIO: Benny's Story)

In July of 2996, a mining facility was established by IMC on a planet in the outer galaxy designated ERM 4997, containing various minerals including trisilicate. The Seventh Doctor and Melanie Bush visited the base eighty years later, at the same time a group of Sontarans landed, the Doctor noting when he saw the IMC logo that he had a grim history with the company. (AUDIO: Terror of the Sontarans)