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International Electromatics (TV: The Invasion) or International Electromatix, (PROSE: The Invasion) also known as the International Electromatic Company, (TV: The Invasion) was a company founded by Tobias Vaughn on Earth, with Packer acting as head of security.


Based in South East England, Vaughn made contact with the Cybermen in 1968 (or 1970), and committed to a plan that would take some five years to complete. (TV: The Invasion) Martyn Townsend was working there when he was modified with Cyber-technology. (PROSE: The Scales of Injustice)

In 1969, IE was an oft-mentioned rival of Bryden Industries. The former was making advances in surprising ways, leaving Bryden Industries behind. In an effort to counter this, the owner of BI, Peyton Bryden, helped to payroll the Fifth Operational Corps so his company could have access to alien tech and compete once again with IE. (PROSE: The Showstoppers, The Grandfather Infestation)

International Electromatics had an advertisement at Times Square. (PROSE: Times Squared)

They put survelliance equipment in UNIT's headquarters and it was found by John Benton. (PROSE: Benton's First Day)

By 1973 (or 1975), IE was at one point the world's largest manufacturer of electronic equipment; their micromonolithic circuits were present in almost every piece of electronic equipment sold.

When the Cybermen planned their invasion of Earth, they struck a deal with Vaughn: that the world was to be put under Cyber control, through the micromonolithic circuits, and then Vaughn would become the ruler of Earth. Both Vaughn and Packer were killed during the invasion, which later failed when the Cyber-fleet was destroyed. (TV: The Invasion)

The company was shut down after the incident. However, Professor Ralph Cornish revitalised the British Rocket Group with technology from International Electromatics. (PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy) Sir Marmaduke Harrington-Smythe tried to buy the company, without success. (PROSE: The Scales of Injustice)

Official efforts were made to cover up the Cyberman incident. During the time of Earth's war with the Myloki between 2066 and 2068, Alex Storm found UN documents containing the true details about International Electromatic and the invasion. However, the documents were destroyed shortly afterwards by "some ignorant clerk" to "save space". These documents mentioned the Doctor. (PROSE: The Indestructible Man)

By the 24th century, the company had changed its name to INITEC. (PROSE: Original Sin)

An advertisement leaflet for the company was used as evidence in the Second Doctor's trial. (PROSE: Second Session)