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The Internal Counter-Intelligence Service was a military/intelligence organisation operating within the United Kingdom. Its remit was to combat alien and paranormal incursion on UK soil. It was shut down following involvement in ethnic cleansing and an attempted coup.

History Edit

The ultra-nationalist group ICIS had been around for a few years by the early 2000s. It had ties to the Forge. (PROSE: Project: Valhalla, AUDIO: Project: Destiny) ICIS and its government backers, like press secretary Philip Kirby, were becoming increasingly concerned with the country's involvement in the United Nations and European Union, which they thought undermined its sovereignty dangerously. (AUDIO: The Longest Night) They recruited a young nationalist soldier named Ross Brimmicombe-Wood soon after his training, grooming him as a double-agent within UNIT. (AUDIO: The Wasting) Kirby got his illegitimate daughter, Andrea Winnington, into ICIS from the start. (AUDIO: The Longest Night)

By around the mid-2000s, the government had decided to shut down the UK branch of UNIT and replace it entirely with ICIS. By this point, Brimmicombe-Wood was commanding UNIT. Both groups used UNIT's base to prepare for the change. Before the handover, ICIS fired on a Silurian diplomatic party, prompting a retaliatory strike at London that ICIS and UNIT dealt with; Brimmicombe-Wood commanded both teams and ICIS were ordered to leave no prisoners. To keep this out of the press, ICIS's Sergeant French captured and tortured BBC journalist Francis Currie into staying quiet.

This backfired when, on the day of the handover and resulting press conference, a Silurian ambassador contacted Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, while UNIT's Emily Chaudhry became aware of French's actions. They revealed the Silurian's and UNIT's remit at the press conference, inciting ICIS' Captain Andrea Winnington to fire on the reptilian ambassador. ICIS was discredited and UNIT argued it should retain control of alien matters. Winnington and French were arrested, ICIS was given a separate base with a UK security remit separate from UNIT's and both groups co-existed. (AUDIO: The Coup) Despite this, people as high up as Deputy Prime Minister Meena Cartwright considered ICIS to be thuggish hooligans and even the Prime Minister preferred UNIT to them by 2005. (AUDIO: The Longest Night)

ICIS were already working to take over the country to protect its sovereignty. They used reverse-engineered alien technology and government helplines to program the general public into becoming sleeper agents, intending to use them to trigger a wave of terrorism and violence. (AUDIO: The Longest Night)

They were also using alien spacecraft blueprints stolen from UNIT to construct a time-space teleportation device. To further this they raided a UNIT convoy to steal the spacecraft it was transporting. In the process, Brimmicombe-Wood was "abducted". However, their continued time-space experiments caused time fluctuations, leading to a series of horrific accidents. ICIS destroyed the site of the experiments, ensuring nothing led back to them. (AUDIO: Time Heals) They also released unwittingly an alien virus from the spacecraft. It began spreading across Earth. (AUDIO: The Wasting)

Two years after ICIS was created, the Prime Minister signed the controversial Euro Combine treaty and ICIS triggered their coup earlier than planned. They activated random sleeper agents to create a wave of destabilising terrorism nationwide, turning the country against itself - riots and ethnic violence became endemic. The Deputy Prime Minister was also triggered into killing herself, leaving the PM vulnerable while Philip Kirby pushed him to send ICIS onto the streets. To discredit UNIT, Winnington was freed from jail and sent to provoke Chaudhry into murdering her while UNIT's new commander Colonel Robert Dalton was "triggered" to assassinate the Prime Minister after ICIS was deployed.

While ICIS was deployed and began gunning down people across London, Chaudhry was able to break Dalton out of his brainwashing and revealed the conspiracy to the PM. He declared ICIS would be shut down. The defeated Winnington was demoralised after seeing the carnage in London caused by her faction. Kirby, however, triggered a suicide bomb in a final act of defiance, devastating 10 Downing Street and killing Dalton. (AUDIO: The Longest Night)

In early 2008, Lysandra Aristedes was an ICIS lieutenant. (AUDIO: Project: Destiny)

ICIS still remained in operation after this and was called in to assist during the growing alien plague. Knowing UNIT would oppose them, they swiftly framed them for deliberate murders and secured orders to arrest the UK contingent's officers. Chaudhry and Lethbridge-Stewart led as many loyal UNIT soldiers as possible into going on the run. They discovered Brimmicombe-Wood had been leading ICIS all along. ICIS pursued UNIT to Russia, trying to wipe them out (despite UNIT trying to deploy a cure for the plague). Brimmicombe-Wood was defeated in combat and arrested, while ICIS' newer crimes were revealed.

The organisation was finally shut down. (AUDIO: The Wasting)

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