The Intergalactic Song Contest was a musical competition between various species.

History Edit

Iris Wildthyme met her future husband, Sam Gold, at the Intergalactic Song Contest which Nicky Newman won. (AUDIO: The Sound of Fear)

309th Intergalactic Song Contest Edit

Before the 309th Intergalactic Song Contest, the Angvians and the Gholos were attempting to make peace. Angvian terrorists posed a threat to any peaceful activities. In order to cope, two peace conferences were set up. One, on Achilles 4, was the obvious target for terrorists. The second was the Intergalactic Song Contest, where the Golos and Angvian competitors would telepathically communicate with each other without their knowledge. Despite the attempts of a Golos-sympathizing terrorist, the peace conference succeeded.

The contest itself was hosted by Logan, until he was killed by Loozly, at which point it was hosted by Lieutenant Strindberg. It was watched by over a quinquillion people across the universe.

The competitors were a competitor from Algol 7, Angvia of Angvia, the Breebles, a Cephalopod, Cyrene, a Drahvin from Drahva, Gholos of Golos, and Nicky Newman of Earth, who was later replaced by the Seventh Doctor.

The final winner of the Song Contest was the Seventh Doctor. (AUDIO: Bang-Bang-a-Boom!)

Behind the scenes Edit

The Intergalactic Song Contest is a pastiche of the real world Eurovision Song Contest, with Logan being a parody of then commentator Terry Wogan.

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