Inter-Galactic Cat was a short story in the Doctor Who Annual 1982. It was a story in which a supercomputer attempts world domination in the blind belief that it is doing good. This bears some similarity to The War Machines with the difference being that Genesis III wants to benefit humanity, rather than replace it. It also had themes similar to Planet of Giants and others, as it featured miniaturisation.

Although no cat appears in the story, they are important. The abbreviated form of Composition Adjustment Teleport is C.A.T and the Doctor uses the story of Puss in Boots and the idea of a talking cat to befuddle the Genesis III.

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Genesis III, a supercomputer, brings the Fourth Doctor and his companions to Space Station Alpha. It plans to use the TARDIS to gain dominion over the universe in a miniaturised form. Meanwhile, Adric must venture through a war zone the size of an atom...

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The Fourth Doctor, Adric and K9 decide to head to a party. The chosen destination is the Earth's Thousand years of space-travel festival in 2957 but the TARDIS is drawn off course to Space Station Alpha. Exploring, the Doctor finds that at least he still got the date right, just not the location. The party decides to split up, with the Doctor and K9 together and Adric exploring alone. Adric comes across a Composition Adjustment Teleport and is miniaturised by it.

Meanwhile, the Doctor finds himself faced with a Genesis III, a computer the size of a room. Genesis III declares it brought the Doctor and the TARDIS to the station as it desires him to help miniaturise humanity to solve their problems of overpopulation. He plans to have them live on a carbon atom.

Adric finds himself on this atom in a war zone. There are two factions: the Green Army and the Blue Army. Adric is captured by soldiers of the Green Army, but in turn they are captured by the Blue Army.

The Doctor works out that time in the miniaturised world runs much faster and therefore Adric has long been dead. The Doctor is granted permission by the Genesis III to travel back in time and save Adric. He does so just as Adric is on trial by the Blue Army. He also rescues Daneman, who was also on trial.

Returning to full size, the Doctor tells the Genesis III the story of Puss in Boots. Unable to comprehend a talking cat, the computer breaks down. The Doctor tells Daneman that it's up to him to return his people to full size.

Once again the travellers set off in the TARDIS.

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  • The Doctor asks K9 if he wants to chase some rabbits. Adric explains that this is his way of saying that they're going to Earth.
  • Earth's space age began in 1957. The Doctor plans to join in the thousand year celebration in the year 2957.
  • In his pockets, the Doctor draws forth a yo-yo, several lengths of string and an antique Victorian watch.
  • The Doctor hopes to make it to the celebrations in time for tea.
  • The Doctor comments that the Genesis III is worthy of two gold stars.
  • The miniaturised humans exist on an atom of carbon.
  • Adric thinks of his home planet, Alzarius, but it is not named. For a moment he expects his brother, Varsh (who also goes unnamed) to emerge from a cave.
  • The miniaturised soldiers are armed with staser-guns.
  • A war exists between the rival Blue and Green armies.
  • The Doctor tells Genesis III the story of Puss in Boots.

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