Ingrid Pitt (21 November 1937-23 November 2010[1]) appeared in two Doctor Who television stories: as Galleia in The Time Monster and Solow in Warriors of the Deep.

During World War II, Pitt and her mother were imprisoned in a German concentration camp. After the war and a failed marriage in America, she returned to Europe. Most of Pitt's work orientated around the horror genre, specifically with Hammer Film Productions. It was through this work that she came to be well known. Pitt returned to the big screen in 2000 with the film The Asylum, which co-starred Colin Baker.

In 1984, Pitt and her husband Tony Rudlin submitted a script for Doctor Who entitled The Macro Men, but it was never produced. It was released in 2010 by Big Finish Productions for The Lost Stories audios as The Macros.

Pitt died in a south London hospital on 23 November 2010, a few days after collapsing, and two days after her seventy-third birthday.[2]

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