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Infinite Requiem was the thirty-sixth New Adventures novel. It featured the Seventh Doctor and Bernice Summerfield travelling alone for the first time since The Pit, following Ace's departure in the previous novel, Set Piece.

Publisher's summary[]

"The whole structure of the cosmos could be at stake — and the focus of the danger is here on Earth," Bernice sighed. "Charity begins at home."

Kelzen, a chaotic force in the mind of an unborn twentieth-century earthling. Jirenal, intent on conquering a future society of dreamers and telepaths. Shanstra, evil incarnate — the conflicts on Gadrell Major are her sport and the tragedies of humans are her entertainment.

They are Sensopaths, their minds attuned to the collective unconscious, their power unleashed like a wild animal into the physical world. One by one, the TARDIS has located them. While Bernice faces the life-and-death struggle of a colonial war, with only a hologram of the Doctor to help her, the Doctor himself must confront the all-powerful trinity.


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  • The Doctor gives Bernice a pyramid that projects a somewhat interactive version of himself.
  • The Doctor is afraid of dying alone and has been since Susan left.
  • Phracton ground ships are powered by hymetusite.



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