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Inferno (earlier called House of the Infernal and the Cunicularii) was a popular nightclub located in Covent Garden, London.

In 1678, the House of the Infernal was a brothel run by Corinthian Tom. There, he exhibited the Jesuitess, who Aphra Behn tried and failed to buy from him on the behalf of Doctor Bendo. While Faction Paradox was trying to kidnap the Jesuitess, an angry anti-Catholic mob attacked the building, wanting her released for them to kill. They set the building on fire, though the Jesuitess and the Faction escaped alike; the house was gutted, but its structure survived thanks to Servicemen disguised as volunteer firemen.

It was later rebuilt as a more respectable townhouse, still used for prostitution. Nick Plainsong brought Nate Silver there in 1727, when it was briefly known as "the Cunicularii" for the floppy velvet rabbit ears worn by its prostitutes (inspired by the "rabbit fever" sparked by Mary Toft). There, Nate had sex with Mademoiselle Machine and died. (PROSE: Newtons Sleep)

In 1949, the club was run by magician Eric Walken, who catered to the aging blackshirt population with Nazi occultist symbolism. Honoré Lechasseur visited the Inferno looking for The Doctor. The club burned down in an attack from Mestizer. (PROSE: The Cabinet of Light)

In 1966, the club's proprietor was a woman called Kitty. In July of that year, she introduced Dodo Chaplet and Polly Wright to Ben Jackson. Ben then went on to attack a patron named Flash who was harassing Polly. Shortly afterwards, it was briefly visited by the First Doctor. (TV: The War Machines)