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Incoming Transmission was a short audio story released on the Doctor Who Twitter account, released via a series of tweets (each including both one line as a soundbite and its transcript in capital letters).

The metafictional conceit being that the Daleks were broadcasting from the actual Doctor Who Twitter account, the replies to each tweet also saw the Daleks replying "in-character" with comments from other Twitter users, including the official Twitter account's BBCA counterpart. However, only the main story was performed as a straightforward voice performance by Nicholas Briggs.


The Daleks broadcast a message to humanity!


A Dalek announces that its kind have taken control of the present Twitter account, meaning they now have 1600000 human followers. It adds that the Daleks have taken control of Earth and that, from now on, the anniversary of this Dalek victory shall be celebrated as Dalek Day.

However, the Dalek then receives word from the scanners that the Doctor is trying to interfere with the transmission — and, before long, it is forced to admit (with the feeble justification that even Daleks "tire of two hundred and eighty character observations") that the Daleks are leaving. It does, however, pledge that the Daleks will return to Earth on 1 January 2021.



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Story notes[]

  • The illustration provided with each tweet featured a new Dalek variant, similar to the "junkyard" Reconnaissance Scout Dalek from TV: Resolution but with a less battered look and a blue glow instead of red. This Dalek variant's origins would later be depicted in Revolution of the Daleks, a TV story for which the design had originally been created. The Dalek's claim that their kind would return on 1 January 2021 is also a reference to the then-upcoming broadcast date of that story.
    • After a considerable amount of time, the illustration was removed from these voice clips, replaced with the regular "BBC Who"-logo.
  • Through a series of Gifs used in conversations, the Doctor in question seems to be the Thirteenth Doctor.


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