An inch was a unit of length.

The Builders resembled eight-inch slugs. (PROSE: Primitives)

The Life Knife was eight inches deep by three inches wide. (TV: Everything Changes)

Princess Cilia used Ulian shrinking technology to make herself six inches tall and hid on top of a Christmas tree, pretending to be an angel. (PROSE: The Doctor on My Shoulder)

The Vinvocci, Rossiter, was one inch taller than the Master in his "Harold Saxon" incarnation. The Tenth Doctor noted this when Rossiter was disguised as a member of the Master Race. The Master failed to notice this difference in height. Rossiter knocked him out with his rifle. (TV: The End of Time)

The hull of the Octopus Rock was made of seven inches of steel. (AUDIO: Submission)

At twenty-seven years old, Janet Rae Tanner was five foot nine inches and a hundred nineteen pounds, as noted by Jack Harkness. (TV: The Middle Men)

One of the diseases created by the Viyrans was a metallic-looking worm which was six inches long. (AUDIO: Urgent Calls)

The typical psychic worm was less than an inch long. (AUDIO: The Wormery)

Uncle, the servant of House, having been damaged over time and repaired by the body parts of dead Time Lords, had a right arm two inches longer than his left when he died. (TV: The Doctor's Wife)

In 1991, three inches of steel lined every wall of the Cabinet Room inside 10 Downing Street. (TV: World War Three)

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