In the Loop was the seventh short story in Down the Middle.


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  • Chris Cwej
  • Larles
  • Kwol
  • Hubert Humphrey
  • Aide
  • T-Rex
  • Woman
  • Giashnel
  • Carlyle
  • Kirstine
  • Yanna
  • George Cwej
  • Vendor
  • Mayor Daley
  • Prime President Arles


  • Hubert Humphrey thinks the International Amphitheater is hotter than he would've liked.
  • There are two Gatling guns strapped to the T-Rex.
  • Giashnel is a Diashna.
  • Giashnel has an instant transfer device and Sheaths.
  • Chrish, Larles and Kwol witness the protests against the Vietnam War at Lincoln Park.
  • Police officers use tear gas against the protesters.
  • The time loops are being created by KYG Solace.
  • KYG Solace's machine was built using leftover from the Battle of Ciros VIII, as well as Hytheriax stabilization orbs and other parts from Hytheriax VII.
  • The Ciros system only has seven planets, according to Larles.
  • KYG Solace's goal was to give Carlyle the Festival of Life the protesters were "supposed to have".
  • George buys tie-dye bandanas.
  • Yanna is a Gendar from Gendar.
  • The Superiors made the Gendar build weapon testing facilities above their world.
  • Yanna is an inter-dimensional engineer.
  • George Cwej chooses his name after a poster of George Michaels he sees.
  • Kwol goes to Lake Michigan.
  • Yanna says she did some "messed up stuff" for the Superiors' War, such as a chronological bomb.
  • KYG Solace have made time loops on Earth, Mars, another Earth and at the Night Festival in the Tiered City.
  • Kirstine mentions having worked as a cop with a partner.
  • Kirstine sings a few bars of David Bowie's "Rebel Rebel".
  • Kirstine joined the Dawn after turning the Firmament's offer to become one of their agents down.
  • Chris and Kirstine pass in front of the Hilton Hotel.
  • During the time loop, the Beatles and the Beach Boys attend the Festival of Life.
  • People had signs to elect McGovern instead of Humphrey.

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