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In the Blood was a 2016 Tenth Doctor novel, unusual for being a new Tenth Doctor novel published while the BBC Wales television series featured another incumbent Doctor and the final novel to feature Donna Noble.

Publisher's summary[]

All over the world, people are "ghosting" each other on social media. Dropping their friends, giving vent to their hatred, and everywhere behaving with incredible cruelty. Even Donna has found that her friend Hettie, with her seemingly perfect life and fancy house, has unfriended her. And now, all over the world, internet trolls are dying...

As more and more people give in to this wave of bitterness and aggression, it's clear this is no simple case of modern living. This is unkindness as a plague.

From the streets of London to the web cafes of South Korea and the deepest darkest forests of Rio, can the Doctor and Donna find the cause of this unhappiness before it's too late?


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  • Cadmia is Feif's homeworld.


  • This story is set after Time Reaver, but was released four days prior to the audio story.
  • In Chapter 15, the Doctor speaks a couple of sentences in Korean: '삶이 있는 동안 희망은 있다. 살아있는 한 희망은 있다.' with no translation given. This quote means 'While there's life, there's hope.'


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