"In a Dream" was a song the Seventh Doctor played on his gramophone while transporting the Master's remains to Gallifrey. When the Master broke free from his casket, the record playing the song started skipping on the lyric "time", alerting the Doctor. The subsequent search for the Master resulted in the Doctor's regeneration. After the Master had been defeated, the Eighth Doctor began playing the song again, only for the record to start once again skipping on "time." (TV: Doctor Who)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

"In a Dream" was performed by Pat Hodge. It was written by Barbara L. Jordan, William James Peterkin, and Christopher Paul Rhyne.

The song was published by stock music library Mar-Tune Music and licenced out to several productions, including Doctor Who and the 1994 TV movie Witness to the Execution. The song was not published on any commercially-available album, but was eventually included as an extra on the DVD release of Doctor Who.

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