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* Quill is familiar with the [[Dalek]]s, [[Gallifrey]] and the [[Time Lord]]s.
* Quill is familiar with the [[Dalek]]s, [[Gallifrey]] and the [[Time Lord]]s.
* Charlie is not familiar with the Dalek, mistaking it for a [[robot]].
* Charlie is not familiar with the Dalek, mistaking it for a [[robot]].
* Identifying as a [[Dalek drone]], the temporally displaced Dalek attempts to report to the [[Imperial Dalek mothership]].
* Ace carries [[Nitro-9|cans of homemade explosives]].
* Ace calls the Dalek a [[racist]].
* Quill mentions a [[Harris (In Remembrance)|Mr. Harris]], the [[chemistry]] teacher.
* The Daleks mistake Quill and Charlie for [[human]]s.
* Quill jokes that she is [[suicide|suicidal]] on [[Monday]] [[morning]]s, with the [[school]] [[week]] ahead of her.
* Quill likens the [[Kaled mutant]] to a [[squid]].
* From how she speaks of him, Ace deduces that Quill is familiar with a [[Twelfth Doctor|different]] [[incarnation|regeneration]] of the Doctor than [[Seventh Doctor|hers]].
===Shoreditch Incident===
* Charlie realises that he is in the past when he learns that [[H. Parson]] is the [[headmaster]] of [[Coal Hill School]].
* Though he has his [[mobile phone]] on his person, Charlie acknowledges that [[Coal Hill defenders|his contacts]] are not alive yet.
* The Dalek drone learns of their defeat in the Shoreditch Incident by accessing [[UNIT]] files via on the [[internet]].
* The Dalek intends to return to 1963 and provide the information it has found to the Dalek [[battle computer]], which will allow its faction of Daleks to learn and prevail in the Shoreditch Incident, changing the course of history.
* Briefly making contact with its colleagues in 1963, the drone tells them its information must be brought to the [[Davros|Emperor Dalek]].
* Ace recalls the events of the [[Shoreditch Incident]] to Quill.
* Ace notes that she and the [[Seventh Doctor]] came to [[Shoreditch]] to deal with the [[Hand of Omega]].
* As manipulated by the Doctor, the [[Imperial Dalek]]s and [[Renegade Dalek]]s fought each other for the Hand.
* The Doctor used the Hand of Omega to augment a [[baseball bat]] which Ace used to destroy several Daleks.
* The [[Intrusion Counter-Measures Group|army]] helped to fight the Daleks with anti-[[tank]] [[rocket]]s.
* The Doctor destroyed [[Skaro]] using the Hand of Omega. Quill recalls that this led to the [[Last Great Time War]].
* Following the incident, the Doctor and Ace left to [[the Doctor's TARDIS|the TARDIS]] where the Doctor picked up signs of [[Coal Hill Space-Time Rift|temporal abnormality]] in [[2016]], as well as a possible Dalek lifesign. However, before he and Ace could attend to it, they were distracted as the TARDIS was attacked.
* Ace fails to remember who attacked the TARDIS. She first suggests [[Fenric]], but quickly remembers that was "later", she next suggests it was a [[Bandril timeship]].
* Though the Doctor forgot about the matter at Coal Hill, Ace did not and kept a record of the date.
== Notes ==
== Notes ==
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