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In Remembrance was the third and final audio story in the anthology Class: The Audio Adventures: Volume Two. It featured Katherine Kelly as Miss Quill, Greg Austin as Charlie Smith and Sophie Aldred as Ace.

Publisher's summary[]

When an alarm is triggered at Coal Hill Academy, Quill and Charlie encounter a mysterious intruder prowling around school premises. Worse, they also encounter a Dalek. Their only hope of survival lies with the stranger: a woman who calls herself 'Ace'...


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Uncredited cast[]


Shoreditch Incident[]

  • Charlie realises that he is in the past when he learns that H. Parson is the headmaster of Coal Hill School.
  • Though he has his mobile phone on his person, Charlie acknowledges that his contacts are not alive yet.
  • The Dalek drone learns of their defeat in the Shoreditch Incident by accessing UNIT files via on the internet.
  • The Dalek intends to return to 1963 and provide the information it has found to the Dalek battle computer, which will allow its faction of Daleks to learn and prevail in the Shoreditch Incident, changing the course of history.
  • Briefly making contact with its colleagues in 1963, the drone tells them its information must be brought to the Emperor Dalek.
  • Ace recalls the events of the Shoreditch Incident to Quill.
  • Ace notes that she and the Seventh Doctor came to Shoreditch to deal with the Hand of Omega.
  • As manipulated by the Doctor, the Imperial Daleks and Renegade Daleks fought each other for the Hand.
  • The Doctor used the Hand of Omega to augment a baseball bat which Ace used to destroy several Daleks.
  • The army helped to fight the Daleks with anti-tank rockets.
  • The Doctor destroyed Skaro using the Hand of Omega. Quill recalls that this led to the Last Great Time War.
  • Following the incident, the Doctor and Ace left to the TARDIS where the Doctor picked up signs of temporal abnormality in 2016, as well as a possible Dalek lifesign. However, before he and Ace could attend to it, they were distracted as the TARDIS was attacked.
  • Ace fails to remember who attacked the TARDIS. She first suggests Fenric, but quickly remembers that was "later", she next suggests it was a Bandril timeship.


  • This story ends with the previously unused "The End (Unused Alternative Ep8 Credits)", originally created for use for the credits of TV: The Lost.
  • Within this story, Sophie Aldred played both the older and younger versions of Ace, in 2016 and 1963 scenes respectively.
  • Outside of Doctor Who, this is the first - and currently only - major appearance of the Daleks in media related to another TV series (not counting original audio series such as Dalek Empire and Dalek Wars).


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