In Case of Emergencies was the eleventh short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: Snapshots. It was written by Ian Farrington. It featured the Fourth Doctor.


Philip Fowler, a lift porter at a hotel in London, encounters a strange man on the day after the death of Edward VII. The man, who calls himself the Doctor, enters the lift and demands to be taken to the fifth floor as he is searching for a particular threat. Fowler begins to speak of the revolution and change that will come about after Edward's death. The Doctor realises that Fowler is the threat he has been seeking. He informs Fowler that he is nothing more than one of several programs that have been activated upon the death of the king. These programs were created to incite revolution in preparation for invasion. The Doctor deactivates Fowler.




  • Though the precise date is not given, real world history would place this story on 7 May 1910. Edward VII died on 6 May.


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