In-Flight Entertainment was one of a series of online comic strips posted to the BBC's Doctor Who website. The comic strips were created using an online tool called Comic Maker, and the art consisted of images based upon the 2005-present Doctor Who revival. The BBC asked a number of professional Doctor Who writers to submit stories.

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The Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones receive a distress call from New Earth where the Cybermen and Judoon have joined forces to catalogue all the humans on the planet.

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  • The Cybermen only upgrade humans.
  • The Macra have a "new career" cleaning up the city's pollution.

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  • Story writer Lindsey Alford is the only contributor to the BBC Writers' Comics series who had not previously either written for the TV series or for one of the literary spin-off lines. Alford instead was a script editor on the series.
  • Due to the limits of Comic Maker some familiar models are used for items:

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  • The quarantine on New Earth has been lifted following the events of TV: Gridlock.

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