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In-Between Times was a comic story released by Titan Comics as a Humble Bundle exclusive, published in 2018. It was later published in the Operation Volcano graphic novel.


At "night" on the TARDIS, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright find a black board with "BARB-A-IAN" written in Susan's handwriting. Though the two assume that Susan was mocking human knowledge, she assures them that it was from before their travels, hastily erasing the writing, before telling them not to wander around the ship.

The Doctor then enters, scoffing at the notion of sleeping, before leading the two humans on a tour of the ship, showing them a garden filled with alien plants and the laboratory.

With the tour done, the Doctor goes off to bed, leaving his granddaughter to show the humans back to their rooms. Before that however, Susan, aware that her teachers will snoop around, shows them the art gallery where she's recreated several of Earth's more famous paintings and some sketches of her teachers. To Susan's relief however, far from being offended, Ian and Barbara are delighted by her drawings of them.




  • This story was release in conjunction with a Humble Bundle event. It was later released in the graphic novel Operation Volcano.
  • One of Susan's painting resembles the title sequences used from 1963 to 1973.


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