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You may be looking for Dalek Civil War.

The Imperial-Renegade Dalek Civil War was a civil war between two sides of Daleks - Davros's Imperials and the Dalek Supreme's Renegades.



The Daleks broke into two factions shortly after the creation of the Daleks and the destruction of the Kaled City. The Daleks realised that Davros was impure as he was not 100% Dalek, so they turned against him and exterminated him. (TV: Genesis of the Daleks)

However, Davros survived and his body remained under the ruins of the Kaled City. A group of Daleks decided that they needed Davros once again when the Daleks faced battle with the Movellans, so they allied with him shortly after he was woken by the Fourth Doctor. This created a faction of Daleks that felt loyalty towards Davros because he was their creator and had helped them. Nonetheless, the Doctor defeated most of the Daleks and had Davros frozen in suspended animation (TV: Destiny of the Daleks) and was taken to a prison station.

Davros was later released by Gustave Lytton and his mercenaries who were being used by the Supreme Dalek. He had a small injection device which could instantly convert humans and Daleks to his cause. He used this to build a small army of Daleks and human replicant troopers, then pitted them against the Supreme's forces. All of Davros' forces were destroyed, either by loyalist Daleks or the Movellan virus. (TV: Resurrection of the Daleks)

Davros escaped to the planet Necros, where he began creating a new army of Daleks from human tissue. The Daleks led by the Supreme Dalek were alerted to Davros' presence by Takis and Lilt, two employees at Tranquil Repose. The Dalek Supreme's forces considered Davros a criminal. When they arrived, a short engagement between Davros' and the Supreme Dalek's forces ensued. Following his capture, Davros attempted to reveal the Sixth Doctor to the Daleks, but he was not recognised by the Supreme Dalek's forces (who had encountered his previous incarnation). Davros was taken to be transported to the Dalek homeworld of Skaro to stand trial. (TV: Revelation of the Daleks)

En route to Skaro, the ship carrying Davros crashed on the planet Lethe. Davros was rescued. He set himself up as "Professor Vaso", altering the perceptions of the humans on the colony so they would not recognise him as the "Great Healer". He attempted to create a new machine, a Juggernaut based on a Mechanoid design.

Lethe's atmosphere prevented the Supreme Dalek retrieving Davros directly, but its forces intercepted the Sixth Doctor's TARDIS, forcing him to serve as an agent of the Daleks and stop Davros' research and manipulations. The Doctor discovered two of Davros' Necros Daleks had survived the crash, but were destroyed following Davros' final gambit on the colony and the Supreme Dalek's intervention. (AUDIO: The Juggernauts)

Sixth Doctor Davros in TARDIS Up Above the Gods

The Sixth Doctor and Davros inside the Doctor's TARDIS. (COMIC: Up Above the Gods)

While on Skaro, the Sixth Doctor rescued Davros just before the Daleks carried out their sentence of death and spoke to him of his future destiny as Emperor Dalek. (COMIC: Emperor of the Daleks!, Above the Gods) The Doctor took Davros to Spiridon, where he could lick his wounds and bide his time. The Doctor intended to lay the groundwork for a Dalek civil war and spoke to Davros of his future destiny as Dalek Emperor.

When the grey and black faction (later known as the Renegades) led by the Supreme Dalek landed on Spiridon with the the next incarnation of the Doctor, Davros set his army of white and gold Daleks (later known as the Imperial Daleks) against them, along with a Special Weapons Dalek. The Supreme Dalek died. In the aftermath of the battle, Davros found his wheelchair damaged. He suffered amnesia, remembering only his ambition to make himself the new Emperor. (COMIC: Emperor of the Daleks!)

Conclusion of hostilities

Main article: Shoreditch Incident

The war ended after a final battle on Earth in 1963. Davros's Imperial Daleks defeated the Renegades with the aid of the Special Weapons Dalek. Further pursuing the plan he had already developed, the Seventh Doctor destroyed the Imperials using the Hand of Omega. The Doctor convinced the last of the Renegades to destroy itself by telling the Dalek that it no longer had a purpose. (TV: Remembrance of the Daleks)


Following this encounter the Dalek Empire fell into a decline as Dalek forces were consolidated. The Renegade Daleks survived the civil war, called themselves Imperials and were based on Skaro while the Imperial Daleks were now Renegades. (PROSE: War of the Daleks)

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