Imorkal was a member of the ancient Silurian race who once ruled the planet Earth.

Biography Edit

Mainstream universe Edit

At some point after humanity had made peace with the Earth Reptiles, Imorkal began to work at NASA, where he fell in love with Liz Shaw. (PROSE: Eternity Weeps)

Parallel universe Edit

In an alternate reality where the Third Doctor was killed and did not regenerate, the Silurians awoke and began their plans to retake the planet, in which they ultimately succeeded. Over the next twenty years, they began to terraform the world back to the time of the Silurians' original rule which drove humanity to the brink of extinction. It was in this era that Imorkal was born as the hot headed offspring of Silurian leader Morka and his wife Chtaachtl.

He was one of a band of Silurian hunters who killed any humans they found. Among them were his bodyguard Vronim and his mentor Chtorba, who had found the trail of this reality's version of Jo Grant. Imorkal eventually discovered a human encampment in Cheddar Gorge but was ambushed before he could report to his people. In the resultant battle, Vronim was killed and Chtorba wounded and captured by the humans. The wounded Imorkal himself, however, managed to hide in the dead body of his dilophosaurus mount. Once his ambushers had left, he attempted to retreat to the old bunker in Wenley Moor in order to summon help.

Whilst on his journey, he encountered Ace and Alan in their jeep. They were also heading to Wenley Moor. Imorkal used his third eye to attack Alan. This made the jeep crash, but before he could continue his assault, he was knocked out by Manisha. After Alan's death from his injuries, Ace, in a fit of rage, attempted to kill Imorkal, but Manisha stopped her. They manacled the Silurian to the jeep. When Imorkal regained consciousness, he snapped the lock of the manacles with his third eye.

Imorkal caught up with Ace and Manisha in the ruins of the old Silurian base in Wenley Moor. There, he attacked Ace. She tried to defend herself with a sonic screwdriver. However, due to her suffering from race memory malaise, she was unable to properly work the device and instead pulverised Imorkal's brain with sonic pulses that killed him in the process. (PROSE: Blood Heat)

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