The Imagineum was a device, resembling a large mirror, which was capable of transmuting light into matter. It required a component known as the Focus to function.

The Imagineum was built by an ancient race of alchemists. It came to Earth in a crashed spacecraft, where it was captured by members of the Knights Templar. Not knowing what it was, they kept in their treasure hoard for centuries until 1996, when it was inherited by Marwood. He lost it in a game of canasta to the Celestial Toymaker, who used it to create duplicates of the village of Stockbridge and its inhabitants. The Focus was stolen by Marwood's adjutant Felix, who gave it to Izzy Sinclair and Maxwell Edison. The Eighth Doctor was forced to return the Focus to the Toymaker to save Izzy's life, and the Toymaker used the now-functioning Imagineum to create a duplicate of the Time Lord in order to destroy him. However, the two Doctors instead teamed up and used the device to create a duplicate Toymaker, thus placing the evil being in an eternal stalemate. The duplicate Doctor then destroyed the Imagineum. (COMIC: Endgame)

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